Remember when I said I liked to write? Well, this is what I’m working on.

Project Number One: The New York Series

Synopsis: Someone once said home is where the heart is. For Gabriella Morrison, her heart rests firmly in Apartment 612 in Manhattan. Six years after her father’s death and a move to the middle of nowhere, Gabriella returns to her roots only to be joined by her two best friends from her senior year. Gabriella somehow manages to juggle adjusting to life as one of New York’s Finest, helping her friends find their own lives, and trying to get over what happened senior year, when she lost two of the people she held most dear.

This series has been the bane of my existence since I was in junior high, a whole nine (!) years ago. A friend and I were joking around how awesome it was going to be once we were in college and living in an apartment together, and so I decided to write about it. Over time, the story became less grounded in reality and soon took on a life of its own. However, the relationships between the characters remain the same.

Project Number Two: The Assistant, A Spinoff of The New York Series

Synopsis:  Daniella’s senior year was supposed to be simple: have a good run as student body president, make lasting memories with her best friend Rose, and spend the year curled on her star athlete boyfriend’s arm. She had the entirety of her school career finding and exploiting loopholes to allow her to coast through to graduation. However, the new principal throws her grand plan for a loop when he informs her that in order to graduate, she must take a gym class. Daniella manages to talk him down from actually taking the class to assisting the teacher (who she hates) in teaching the junior high class (ditto). Meanwhile, he’s none too thrilled about the idea himself, and intends to make her work for the grade, from nicknaming her ‘Dani’ (which she hates) and making her wash the towels after team practices (ditto). However, as time goes on, they both start to see the cracks in the other’s perfect mask: Dani’s relationship is falling apart after her boyfriend gets injured on the field, and while Nick’s wife wants a baby, Nick’s stuck in a stage of arrested development. It takes the introduction of Nick’s brother Scott to get Dani to see she deserves better, and when a dream job comes up, it’s up to Nick to decide what’s really important in life.

“But if you haven’t finished the first series, how can you write a spinoff novel?” Good question, internal thought process!

The truth is, I started writing this story to take a break from the NY series while still staying in the same universe. I had reached the point where I outright hated what I was writing, so I recognized I needed to step back for a bit. I started rereading some of my previous ramblings and realized there were a few characters from Gabriella’s past who would be interesting in their own right. I started writing and the next thing you know, I had a new cast of characters and a plot to go with it.


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