A (Very Belated) Happy Holidays



I have returned from the Land of No Wi-Fi (aka home) to bring you tidings of great joy.

Wait…that was a few weeks ago. Crap.

Well, new plan. Instead, I will give you my ten New Years Resolutions, because it’s a completely original idea that no one else has probably blogged about ever in the history of blogging.

(Sorry. After a week of holding in my sarcasm, it’s all coming out full-force. Buckle up, kids.)

Alexandra’s 2014 Resolutions

  • Finish my goshdarn book already!
    Seriously, this has been years in the making. I have set a tentative due date for April 1, and no, this is not an April Fools joke. Keep me honest, folks. I have 87 days left to make it to my goal length of 120,000 words. I currently sit at 66,810, which means that I need to write about 611 words per day to make my target according to Scrivener. And that brings me to my next resolution….
  • Write every day (or at least every other day)
    This should be happening anyway, but you know some days I get a little lazy, as I’m sure people out there can relate to.
  • Blog once a week, bare minimum
    I like keeping in contact with you lovely folks! Your comments, likes, and words of encouragement are sometimes the brightest point of my day. I promise to be better about checking out your blogs as well.
  • Save money
    Because being a broke college student is losing its charm.
  • Get lunch with friends once a week
    Living off campus, there’s very small group of people I see everyday, and they’re my roommates. I miss my friends who I don’t get to see as often as I like.
  • Read more
    I met with my advisor before I left for break, and he imparted some great wisdom: “Your writing will start to suck if you stop reading.” Yes, it was blunt, but at the same time, it’s very true. I have devoted most of my reading time to textbooks and classroom handouts that I have forgotten what it’s like to read for fun. After he said that, I also started paying attention to how I wrote. Instead of going into great detail about the body language and the thought process of each character, I was only writing dialogue. I had forgotten what that sort of language sounded like. If anyone has any good book recommendations they would like to share, please let me know (shameless self-promotion is welcome and encouraged!)
  • Be honest
    2013 was kind of rough for me, but I never really wanted to talk about it with anyone. I said, “I’m good,” when I really wasn’t. I made good with a few of my ghosts, but I still find myself slipping into this pattern every now and then. From now on, when I say I’m ok, I actually want to mean it.
  • (Make a valiant attempt to) be healthier
    Even if it’s swapping water for soda, I feel an effort should at least be made.
  • Learn something new
    This was on my list last year as well, and I managed to teach myself how to cook a few basics. This year, I’m thinking about learning Spanish.
  • Let go and be happy
    Confession time: I hold grudges. I remember things that happened twelve years ago that I’m still embarrassed about. I think this is finally the year to just let the past be in the past, and move on.

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