Winter Breaks


This photo is not only of the “Arrow” mid-season finale, but it also encapsulates how I’m feeling right now.
Finals: 1
Me: 0

Have I mentioned I’m a TV person? No. Well, it’s an important fact to know about me. In our apartment, there are 47 seasons of various television shows. Only one of them belongs to another person. Is the picture a little bit clearer?

Anyway, we’ve reached the worst time of year in television time: mid-season finales. I do not understand why network television feels the need to break up their seasons into two chunks. For cable television, it makes sense. There are fewer episodes produced, so the networks spread the episodes out in an effort to keep the show on the air longer so that viewers don’t forget about it (like we could forget about Breaking Bad or The Walking Dead…well, like we could forget about Breaking Bad.)

EVERY SINGLE SHOW I WATCH IS GOING ON ITS HIATUS AND I DO NOT LIKE IT ONE BIT. How am I supposed to procrastinate studying now? (“Uh, gee, maybe watch the seasons you already own?”)

I see your point, disembodied blog follower who I love deeply even though I have never met you. However, there’s a certain thrill to watching something week to week. You get deeply invested in the story lines and character to the point at which you have to tune in every week just to keep up. I feel bad for the people who binge-watch shows to get caught up.

Case in point: one of my roommates just watched all eight seasons of “How I Met Your Mother” so she could watch the final season. While I am thrilled she now joined the elite fandom, at the same time, I have a bit of sympathy. (If you’re reading this: sorry, Ash.) One of the great things about “How I Met Your Mother” was the mythology of the show unfolding over the years. Same goes for “The Vampire Diaries,” again, sorry, Ash.

Bottom line, I just want my seasons to run uninterrupted. I want to come in knowing my shows will be running every week until they take a three month hiatus in the summer. I just suffered through “Once Upon a Time’s” mid-season finale this past Sunday, and I have to wait until March (MARCH) to find out what happens. This means I will be waiting until my birthday to have the cliffhanger resolved.


Also, if anyone wants to send some happy thoughts, it’s finals week and I am driving the struggle bus right now. Sorry in advance for lack of posts!


One thought on “Winter Breaks

  1. I think I’m like you’re friend in that I love discovering new shows but prefer to binge-watch them entire seasons at a time. Just discovered Orphan Black on BBC if you need something to tide you over. It’s really good! Oh and good luck on finals haha!

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