If you have friends…


I know during NaNoWriMo, most writers turn into creatures of solitude, only showing their faces to check in at write-ins or to make a journey to the nearest coffee shop. Believe me, I was the same way. I’m pretty sure the only time my roommates saw me during the month of November was if I was far enough ahead on my word count that I could watch an episode of How I Met Your Mother. However, in the months when I’m not trying to write every single day (even though I really should) my inclination to be social increases drastically.

Back when I lived in the dorms, hanging out with my friends was literally as simple as walking across the hall (Really. My best friends lived five feet away from my door) I was so incredibly blessed to end up living with the people that I did. The floor was always social, watching movies and going to dinner together.

Moving out freshman year.

Moving out freshman year.

I was lucky enough to meet a whole variety of people in those two years, but for a second let’s just talk about the Original Eight. We all were freshmen the same year. To this day, I don’t really know how we all bonded together so well, but it happened. I thought I knew what friendship was before I met these fools, and I was so wrong.

They bring out the best in me, even if I don’t want to see it. Jackie, who I have mentioned before, was the first person I ever showed my writing to. After she read it, I was able to work up the courage to show it to other people, including my now roommates.

They call me out on my coffee addiction, tell me when I’m being a little obsessive over the small things, and keep me from letting emotions overrun my decisions. And I love them all to death.

Cheesy family photo time

Cheesy family photo time

While it all well and good when we lived down the hall from one another, having a communal bathroom and fire alarms at four in the morning got old. This year, all but one of us moved out of the dorms, and now we’re scattered all over town. We don’t get to see each other as often as we used to, but at the same time, the time we do get to spend together is much more meaningful.

We all went out to dinner earlier this year. Someone had to get back to finish up homework.

We all went out to dinner earlier this year. Someone had to get back to finish up homework.

In addition to their above and beyond moral support, they have all inspired something in my writing, rather it be a quote, relationship, or an event. I’ve gotten in the habit of carrying around a notepad or my iPod so I can make a quick note whenever something like this comes up. I’m waiting for the day when one of them (more than likely Jackie) is reading something and picks up on this. It’s bound to happen at some point or another.

So, friends, if you’re reading this, I love you all. And I’m sorry for posting that freshman year photo.


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