Lazy Sundays

It is currently two in the afternoon on this lovely Sunday, and I am still in bed. There is no better feeling in the world.

I’ve only moved a few times since I’ve been awake, including a trip to the kitchen to make myself coffee and an epic stretch to grab my laptop off my desk once I crawled back into bed. (Arranging my room so my desk and bed were two feet away from each other was both the best and the worst decision I made when I set up my room.)

It’s just great to have a spare moment to reflect on the week. It seems like since I returned from Thanksgiving break, everything has been go. Research presentation Monday, staff meeting Thursday, Christmas party Saturday, I barely had a chance to breath and take a moment for me over the week. As much as I love my friends and being social, it’s the quiet moments when the roommates are gone and the apartment is empty that really allow for some creativity to just flow.

Or, you know, lots of sleep.

There is stuff I know I need to get done today. Finals are the week after next and there’s a lot that needs to be reviewed. But for the moment, I’m perfectly content to just sit here and crank out another 1,500 words, just because.


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